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EZ Blend™ C144 Stucco Sand

Key Features

What sets Silica Products EZ Blend™ C144 Stucco Sand apart is its remarkable blendability. It effortlessly mixes with cement, lime, and other additives, resulting in a homogeneous and cohesive stucco mix. This blendability not only saves you time but also guarantees consistent results, eliminating the need for tedious trial and error.

Another standout feature of Silica Products EZ Blend™ C144 Stucco Sand is its exceptional workability. Its fine particles and uniform texture make it incredibly smooth to apply, ensuring a seamless stucco application process. The sand's consistency allows for effortless spreading, excellent trowel-ability, and remarkable sculpting capabilities, empowering you to achieve the desired texture and finish effortlessly.

Durability is paramount when it comes to stucco applications, and Silica Products EZ Blend™ C144 Stucco Sand excels in this aspect. Sourced from premium-quality silica, it offers excellent strength and long-lasting performance. It resists cracking, weathering, and general wear and tear, ensuring that your stucco finish retains its beauty and integrity for years to come.

Silica Products prioritizes both product quality and environmental sustainability. EZ Blend™ C144 Stucco Sand is free from harmful chemicals and is carefully washed to remove impurities, making it safe for both the environment and the people using it. Our commitment to sustainability also extends to our packaging, which is eco-friendly and designed to minimize waste.

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