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Sure Foot™ Equestrian Sand

Key Features

Sure Foot™ Equestrian Sand's carefully selected silica particles offer excellent cushioning and shock absorption, promoting the natural movement and comfort of your horses. This creates a supportive surface that reduces strain on joints and minimizes the risk of injuries, allowing your equine partners to perform at their best.

The consistent particle size distribution of our equestrian sand ensures efficient water drainage, preventing puddles and maintaining a consistent surface. This feature is particularly essential in outdoor arenas or areas prone to heavy rainfall, allowing you to maintain a dry and safe riding environment all year round.

Silica Products' Sure Foot™ Equestrian Sand is carefully processed to remove impurities, resulting in a virtually dust-free composition. This means a cleaner and healthier riding environment, reducing the risk of respiratory issues for both horses and riders. Say goodbye to irritating dust clouds and enjoy a pleasant riding experience.

Our equestrian sand is designed to withstand heavy use and retain its performance over time. The superior quality of the silica ensures excellent compaction, reducing the need for frequent replacement and saving you time and money in the long run.

Sure Foot™ Equestrian Sand requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your riding experience. Its excellent water drainage capabilities also make it easier to keep the surface level, ensuring a consistently smooth and safe riding area.

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